There are many ways to heat the water in your home. Ask us about replacing your existing hot water tank. Or maybe you want to upgrade your current system to a natural gas on-demand hot water system, or an electric tank with an excellent warranty.


Still on electric heat? Ask a Nanaimo gas-fitter about upgrading to Natural Gas. Or replace an existing less efficient furnace, boiler, or fireplace.


From updating fixtures to changing the layout for a more functional kitchen or bathroom and everything in between. Request a quote for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.


Are you looking for a new fire place? Maybe you would like to fill the space of your wood fire place with a cleaner burning natural gas fireplace. Let us know what you want, we have what you are looking for.

We want to keep our community safe. 

Do You Want The Hide Tide Times for Nanaimo?

About Us

High Tide Plumbing & Gas Ltd. was established and located in Nanaimo in 2020. We aim to be the first choice of Nanaimo plumbers and gasfitters for homeowners and contractors.

TSBC Gas Contractor Licence# LGA0209697


As plumbers and gas fitters in Nanaimo, High Tide Plumbing & Gas strives to provide a positive customer experience unique to the industry with a good attitude, and smiling faces while delivering quality work at a fair price. 

CORE Values

We value both the people we work for and those who work with us. 

Approaching every job and challenge with a smile.

We provide consistent and exceptional quality regardless of who on our team responds to your needs.


Nice to Meet You!

It might be time to reintroduce ourselves and our company, High Tide Plumbing & Gas Ltd. Since we started in 2020, we have continued to grow, and we want our current and future customers to know who we are. Early Days of High Tide, with our first-ever work van affectionately known as Oliver. Monty is…

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How a Furnace Works

During the cold season in Nanaimo, a home furnace provides much-needed warmth. You probably don’t regularly give your furnace a second thought until one day (probably during our annual snow fall) you come home to a cold house.  Understanding how your furnace works will help you be conscious of why and how to maintain it.  This…

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Emergency Preparedness on Vancouver Island

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is a place of breathtaking beauty, attracting residents and visitors alike. However, this natural paradise is not without its risks. From seismic activity to extreme weather events, the island faces a range of potential emergencies that require a well-prepared community. In this blog post, we…

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As plumbing and gas fitters in Nanaimo, we can advise you on the best type of gas heating for your home.

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